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Dear Friend,

If you’ve been struggling to find investment properties and are just simply tired of pursuing Foreclosures, REOs, Short Sales, Tax Liens, and all those other opportunities that every other investor on the planet seems to know about – then you are ready for a new look at a situation that has been making investors rich since the beginning of time!

Every residence, no matter where it is, will eventually end up in an estate somewhere. If it is owned by someone then at some point in time it will find its way to probate. Probate is the process by which properties in an estate are distributed to the rightful heirs once the owner of that property passes away.

Did you know that every 3 minutes a new estate is created somewhere in the US and that the Executor of that Estate is empowered to sell that property in order to distribute the estate to the rightful heirs.

The Executors of these estates often are well motivated to sell their properties and are just looking for someone to make them an offer.

Your First Step will be to identify the Executor!

Now you can learn from the only company in the US to provide probate leads for virtually every county in the country!

Yes – until today this data has been simply too difficult to get! Ask almost anyone that has thought about becoming a Probate Investor – What is the single biggest problem that they faced … and they will tell you that identifying the estate executors was a “bear”! ”I tried, but it just proved too difficult!”

Yes – there are Gurus around that will tell you just go to your local court house and get 10-20 names and then send them a letter and probate wealth will quickly come your way! Sounds too good to be true? Well it is! Probate investing is like any other investing program. It must be worked one step at a time and it takes a great deal of effort and a lot of patience – If you are going to be successful, you will want to contact all of the executors in your area – and getting that information is not a trivial task – you need some help!

That is where we come in – Our professional Researchers have been trained to get the data you need and are in virtually every county in the US retrieving that data just for you! Now you can! Simply subscribe to leads for your county and each month receive all of the data that you need. You will not have to spend days each month trying to “dig” through dusty court records trying to compile a list of potential sellers. WE DO THE DIRTY WORK FOR YOU!

Ready to get Started

If you know that different executors will respond at different times and that you will want to reach out to them at different times – the
very best way to jump start your program is to start your campaign by sending to executors at different points in time from when
they assumed their excutor’s role. The best way to do this is to send your first mailing to executors that assumed their responsibility within the preceding four month period.

We offer 3 mos of Historical leads for every county that we support …
You will want to consider purchasing these Historical leads at the same time
that you start your monthly subscription …

And did we mention that there is NO contract to sign and that
you can cancel your subscription anytime after the 1st month!

Want to Learn More?

  • Residential Real Estate
  • Vacation Properties
  • Personal Property
    (Family Heirlooms, Paintings, Gold, etc)
  • Boats
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Farms/Ranches
  • Automobiles
  • Businesses

Probate Estates offer you an opportunity to jump start your future! There are Executors with estate properties that simply do not know what to do with them. The longer they hold on to these properties the more the heirs want to know, “When am I going to get my share?”.

The perceptive investor will be there to help the Executors make sure that the heirs get their share quickly and will make a nice
profit while doing so.

Are you that Investor?

Want to know how to start your own Probate Program?

Check out our probate-related Books, Guides, Trainings, Videos, Seminars, Software

You will want to learn from the Experts! We, at US Probate Leads, are the country’s foremost providers of probate information for the investor community. We work with some of the largest Real Estate Investors in the Country who do hundreds of transactions each year. They have the procedures in place to buy and sell residential properties by the truck load.

When it comes to probate investing they come to us for everything they need to be successful in this $60B market Niche. Now you too can get the information that you need to get your piece of the pie.

We have everything you need to become a Probate Investor.



Check out our Step by Step Probate Guides

Probate Investing - $149
This book is a great introductory text for anyone just starting in the probate field. This book was written for the individual interested in what is meant by “Probate Investing” and it explains in a clear, well written manner how you would get started in this exciting real estate niche market. Everyone could use some guidance when embarking on a new journey. This is no different! Probates are a great market niche for the residential real estate investor neophyte. If you want to know where to begin, how to get started and what steps you should take - this is the book for you.
Communicating with the Estate executor - $79
Probate Investing is not like other types of investing. No one knows when is the best time to contact an Estate Executor. Sometimes it may take months before the Executor is ready to begin thinking about what to do with the various properties in the estate. In other cases, that decision may have already been made by the time the decedent passes. As a Real Estate Investor interested in acquiring various properties in the estate, your job is to ensure that you are in contact with that individual when they are ready to make a sale. This means that you will need to reach out to the executor at several different times. It can be difficult to manage this process. Mike and Leon have solved this problem by defining the steps you should take when communicating with the executor. They have included sample letters and post cards and have even provided scripts to help you talk with the Executors. This is the second in a series of Probate Investing Books and Guides that Mike and Leon have written and this one shows you these steps and teaches you how to effectively reach out to your potential customers.
Making Your Fortune as a Real Estate Investor - $124
Probate Investing is the last untapped market niche for the residential Real Estate Investor. Relatively few investors are even aware of this market. Many have preconceived prejudices against dealing with a property in probate. They may say, "I don't want to take advantage of anyone in that "situation" or "That property is going to be tied up forever" ... The simple fact is that death and dying is a fundamental part of life and each of us will experience it. The Executor that assumes responsibility for settling an estate is in the same predicament as any other property owner: bills have to be paid, moneys distributed, etc. As the executor of the estate this individual does have the legal authority to sell the property when and if he or she decides. Someone is going to buy that property - why shouldn't it be you? This is the first in a series of Probate Investing Books and Guides that Mike and Leon have written that together answer all of your questions and will provide you the knowledge necessary to allow you to excel at Probate Investing!

We want you to succeed and we are going to be right there
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